Is Your Life Not ALL You Hoped it Would Be?

How to take simple steps to find true happiness

Did you know that ALL the emotional discomfort in your life stems from one cause?

Yes! Just one simple and replaceable missing ingredient?

Pete & Nikki Uglow are Certified Real Love™ Coaches who can show you the ONE thing missing from your emotional system which will change the way you view EVERYTHING in your life.



We can help you to:

  • Eliminate ALL fear and anger from your life.
  • Address any problem before it becomes too big to handle.
  • Experience the joy of healthy relationships.
  • Overcome any emotional pain or self destructive behaviours.
  • Learn how to raise happy, well adjusted and independent children.
  • Dispense with workplace tension.
  • Eradicate addictions.
  • Attract a partner who will be capable of really loving you.
  • Reveal your true purpose and fill that nagging emptiness inside you.
  • Find the freedom to enjoy EVERY aspect of your life.


Whatever your pain or confusion:

It really IS simple with just 2 steps to emotional freedom!



Step 1: Identify What’s Missing


We can help you to identify the ONE THING which is missing from your emotional system and guide you to understand why you are in so much emotional confusion today.

Regardless of how you feel now, what might have happened to you, what you may have done during your past or what you ‘think’ the solution is, this missing ingredient WILL fill your emptiness, clear your confusion and pave the way for a life you were born to live.

Allow us to teach you all about the transformational power of Real Love™


Step 2: Transform Your Life


  • Understand the origins of your emptiness and confusion
  • Stop the constant striving for something ‘better’
  • View your life in a completely different way
  • Understand why and how your emotional system was impaired
  • Experience the healing power of Real Love™
  • Incorporate Real Love™ into EVERY area of your life
  • Create a life of lasting peace and happiness for you and your loved ones

Ben Leppier, Bristol

“Success” was a constant drive for me. But regardless of how successful & popular I became, I never felt any happier.

For as long as I could remember I was carrying a sense of fear, a sense of emptiness, a thirst for something that I just could not understand, couldn’t put my finger on & NOTHING I achieved or analysed or assessed would fill the void or provide me with any more insight into how to solve this problem.

When I finally found Real/Unconditional love I knew in my soul it was what I had been seeking for 30 years of my life. Dr Greg Baer’s work (administered by the loving hands of Peter Uglow) distils literally everything I have read and has combined his 20+ years of hands-on experience of helping people find Unconditional Love. It has transformed my life.

I have helped a myriad of other people who were apparently not in any pain in their lives to find Real Love and the community created by us, led by Pete & Nikki Uglow is the most loving place to be on the planet. There are numerous different opportunities to allow Real Love into your life, as slowly or as quickly as you like. Just get in touch with the Facebook group or use the contact page to find out more.


Akhtar Khan, Kent

I have been on my Real love journey for around 8 months now.

Initially Real Love was applied to my personal relationships but recently I have applied the principles in my property business. In the past when I have had issues with staff or builders not performing I would pretty much let people go without trying to help them. This meant high turnover of staff  & contractors which was always challenging, stressful and somewhat draining.

Since bringing Real love into the work place I now have a greater understanding of why people don’t always perform. What they need or lack in the moment both emotionally or in terms of skill knowledge and resources. I now know what to do to get the best out of my people, help them to feel loved, valued and appreciated which in turn has improved the efficiency and profits of my business.

Real love in my business has had a dramatic impact of the happiness of my team, their productivity and the  profitability of my business. Having been a business coach myself I highly recommend Real Love to any serious business owner as its the most effective tool to use that I have ever come across.


Roman Coombes, Coventry

I grew up in a very hostile environment with my brothers and sisters and a single Mom. I was in and out of care, constantly in trouble and had little or no control over anything. This meant that as an adult, I learned to look to other people to help me/take care of me and inside I felt helpless, abandoned and terribly afraid. I also found myself seeking excitement and distraction in unhealthy ways.

Eventually, I got engaged to a lovely girl, but I was an angry and critical partner and it took my fiancé calling the wedding off, for me to reach my rock bottom. I felt desperately suicidal and utterly hopeless. Thankfully I discovered Real Love and in the past six months my life has changed beyond all recognition. I have completely changed my career, am learning the true meaning of peace and happiness and I haven’t felt angry for more than 6 months! I know that for the rest of my life I have the tools to help me stay feeling this contented. I am so grateful to have been loved and supported by Pete & Nikki and I know that this amazing level of peace and happiness will only increase as I learn to be more responsible and trust the Real Love I am being offered by my coaches and others who are learning this too.


Kathryn Barker, Solihull

I first heard Pete speak at an event in April 2013 and read the Real Love book. I then had two days of coaching a few months later. I have held off writing a testimonial because I have undertaken various “personal development” programmes over the years and had coaching both personally and professionally. Nothing had ever addressed my feeling of restlessness, or helped me eliminate negative emotions including anger, irritation and resentment.  I wanted to wait until I was really convinced that Real Love worked. 9 months on I can confirm with 100% certainty that it does. Life is not without its challenges. They are inevitable and opportunities to continue to learn and to grow, but I am meeting them with a whole new level of confidence. Most importantly it is transforming my relationships with my family and I am experiencing a peacefulness and contentment with my life I never thought possible. The constant striving to be better is over and I am finding freedom and joy in the simplest of things.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Real Love and coaching by Pete and Nikki to anyone who is committed to finding a whole new level of happiness.