Life's too short... To Be Unhappy

Did you know that you can replace your pain or confusion with life-long peace and happiness by introducing just ONE MISSING INGREDIENT into your life?

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Pain or Confusion

Address any problem before it becomes too big to handle!

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Pain or Confusion your relationship?

Become the kind of partner you would like to be with in order to experience the joy of a healthy relationship.

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Pain or Confusion
       ...with your children?

Learn how to raise happy independent children and overcome any issue.

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Pain or Confusion
          ...about anything!

Eliminate all anger and fear and find the freedom to enjoy every aspect of your life.

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Are You in Emotional Pain or Searching For Answers Right Now?

Life can be a real rollercoaster of emotions and sometimes the lows can be pretty low, right?

  • Our partner cheats on us
  • We find ourselves facing bankruptcy
  • The conflict in our marriage becomes intolerable
  • We find one of our children is self-harming
  • We keep revisiting our own childhood abuse
  • Our alcohol consumption is becoming out of control
  • That boss at work is making our life a misery
  • The kids behaviour is driving us crazy
  • We don’t get the promotion we deserve or worse, we lose our job

The list of possibilities leading to emotional meltdown for any of us is infinite and at times, the pain inside can be absolutely unbearable, no matter what we use to try and distract ourselves.

It’s at times like this, that we begin to wonder how we can recover. We worry that we will NEVER find the consistent happiness we crave and then we fear that we really are destined to lurch from one crisis to the next.

The truth is that most of us spend our adult lives searching for a better feeling and eventually realise that it’s an endless hamster-wheel of chasing the next good thing and never finding the ONE thing that’s going to make us happy.



Casual Sex

Casual Sex

Foreign Holidays

Foreign Holidays

A Nice Car

A Nice Car

Adrenaline Sports

Adrenaline Sports

A Great Body

A Great Body

A New House

A New House

Making Money

Making Money

But the great news is that all of this pain and endless searching can be eliminated and replaced with a feeling of calm, inner peace and freedom, thanks to the findings of one man, Dr. Greg Baer, who discovered something he called Real Love and the Real Love Journey.

Take a look at the Happiness Chart to see what’s missing …

happiness-chartWhat we often believe to be periods of happiness, are in fact, periods of ‘less pain’ and REAL HAPPINESS is something very few people in the world have experienced.

What you will find is that when you introduce the missing ingredient Real Love™ (‘unconditional’ NOT ‘romantic’ love) into your life, something magical occurs. Imagine being only partially sighted from birth and not realising that life can look better than it does, until one day someone gives you a pair of glasses and you can see the beauty of the world in absolute clarity for the first time. That’s how the Real LoveJourney has been described by many. 

Permit us another metaphor.

Imagine that you’ve lived in the interior of Antarctica your entire life, so all you’ve ever known is temperatures between – 20°C and – 60°C. One day, however, the temperature rises from – 40°C to – 20°C. Compared to what you’ve known all your life, you’d think – 20°C was “warm.” Living in Antarctica, how would you possibly know what genuine warm was? How could you know what it could be like to bask on a beach in Grand Cayman, where the temperatures might vary between + 30 and + 40 °C in the afternoon?

Most people find themselves in a similar position emotionally. In the absence of sufficient Real Love, they haven’t the slightest idea what genuine happiness is. They live in a constant state of – 40°C emotionally, and when they can get enough Imitation Love (in the form of praise, sex, money, power, conditional acceptance, and so on) that feels so good that they honestly believe they’re happy, even though they’ve only moved from a condition of – 40°C emotionally to perhaps – 20°C.

Once we have tasted Real Love sufficiently, however (both in quantity and consistency) we can’t be fooled by what we once thought happiness was. Once we have tasted the real thing, all the ‘Imitation’ Love loses its appeal and therefore its ability to seduce us. Most of us have settled for rubbish (Imitation Love) all our lives. Once we’ve tasted luxury ‘chocolate cake’, we won’t be fooled by rubbish again.

Introducing the Founder of Real Love™ …. Dr Greg Baer

Real LoveA little over 20 years ago a highly regarded surgeon by the name of Dr Greg Baer was sat in his back yard in Georgia USA holding a gun to his head. For him, life had become too painful.

Despite a lovely family, a flourishing practice, more money than most of us will ever see and having achieved every goal he had ever set himself, Greg was addicted to narcotics and miserable both at work and at home. He couldn’t figure out why. In that moment he made a decision to get himself clean and figure out why he was so unhappy.

Greg has spent his entire life, from that point onwards, discovering what is missing from his emotional system and how to replace it. He now enjoys a life of unparalleled peace and happiness and has gone on to write 17 books, speak to countless audiences, appear on TV and radio and introduce thousands of people to the transformational power of Real Love™. His simple principles have changed the lives of many thousands of people… People who were just like you, ‘normal’ people responding best you can, to the stresses and strains of everyday life.

As his organisation grew over the years, Dr Baer personally coached and mentored some people to be able to spread the benefits of his discovery far and wide. Today there are approximately 40 certified Real Love™ coaches worldwide, who have themselves reached the exacting standards of Dr Baer.

Introducing Certifed Real Love™ Coaches, Pete & Nikki Uglow

Pete says… “Nikki & I individually experienced the incredible healing power of Real Love™ with Greg in the U.S. back in 2010 after going through our own emotional crises. What we discovered has absolutely transformed our lives, so we couldn’t help but bring it to you.

We are really happy to share our own journey with you here and we don’t hold anything back. Click on the link to see us naked (emotionally speaking of course!)

Having been personally coached by Dr Baer himself, Nikki & I witnessed first-hand the incredible changes only Real Love™ can bring. We also realised how important it was for anyone truly committed to finding real happiness and releasing themselves from emotional pain, to be coached through this process.”

There is actually nothing like the Real Love™ Journey available through any other form of coaching, counselling or therapy in the world and it is the only thing that truly works!

So right now whether you are feeling hurt, betrayed, frustrated, ashamed, afraid, angry, guilty, unappreciated, bewildered or still searching for that elusive ‘something’, then just know that you have found the solution in Real Love™.

“I have certified a number of Real Love coaches over many years, but only rarely have I experienced the pleasure of working with coaches as compassionate and skilled as Pete and Nikki Uglow. Their honesty and ability to reach people who have suffered unhappiness in their lives and their relationships, is unmatched.” Greg Baer M.D.


Founders of Real Love UK

We can help you move into that higher level of happiness (shown on the chart above) by showing you how to find and feel Real Love™  in your own life.

And it all starts with a phone call, an email or clicking the ‘Tell Me More’ button to get a free report which explains it all.

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See What These People Have To Say About Their Real Love™ Journey

Akhtar Khan, ,

Initially Real Love was applied to my personal relationships, but recently I have applied the principles in my property business. In the past when I have had issues with staff or builders not performing I would pretty much let people go without trying to help them. This meant high turnover of staff  & contractors which was always challenging, stressful and somewhat draining. Since bringing Real love into the work place I now have a greater understanding of why people don’t always perform and what they need or lack in the moment both emotionally or in terms of skill knowledge and resources. I now know what to do to get the best out of my people, help them to feel loved, valued and appreciated which in turn has improved the efficiency and profits of my business.

Having been a business coach myself I highly recommend  Real Love to any serious business owner as its the most effective tool to use that I have ever come across.

Akhtar Khan
Ben Leppier, ,

A need for ‘success’ was a constant drive for me, but regardless of how successful & popular I became amongst my peers or in front of large audiences, I never felt any happier. For as long as I could remember I was carrying a sense of fear, a sense of emptiness, a thirst for something that I just could not understand, couldn’t put my finger on & NOTHING I achieved or analysed or assessed and in fact I got myself to a place where I had literally given up and admitted that I did not have the answer, there must be another way to find what I was looking for.

When I finally found Real Love, I knew in my soul it was what I had been seeking for 30 years of my life. Dr Greg Baer’s work distils literally everything I have read and has combined his 20+ years of hands on experience of helping people find Unconditonal love. It has transformed my life. Real Love has been and continues to be a revolution in who I am, as I strip back the bullsh*t everyday layer by layer. Real Love has really transformed my relationship pre & post marriage & we didn’t really believe we had much to work on – that was a huge mistake! My wife finds peace in that everyday I am learning to love her better & the results are amazing.


Ben Leppier

Start Your Own Real Love™ Journey Today!

  • Eliminate ALL fear and anger from your life
  • Address any problem before it becomes too big to handle
  • Experience the joy of healthy relationships
  • Overcome any emotional pain or self destructive behaviours
  • Learn how to raise happy and independent children
  • Eradicate addictions
  • Become the kind of partner capable of making a relationship work
  • Attract a partner who will be capable of really loving you
  • Reveal your true purpose and fill that nagging emptiness inside you
  • Find the freedom to enjoy EVERY aspect of your life!

Real Love™ is an ingredient which will allow YOU to weather any crisis, overcome any trauma and heal from any psychological pain.

We offer various levels of support depending on your current situation. You will see the image below used regularly throughout this site. You can use it to navigate between different resources.

Why don’t you let us show you how?

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A Real Love Journey enables you to find the REAL YOU! And you will LOVE what you discover.

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