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Real Love™
The Simple Secrets
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What is
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Why do most of us search our entire lives for loving
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‘Real Love – The Simple Secrets of a Happy Life’

Hear from three of the many people who have found Real Love™ and changed their lives…

Jen Harrison. Warwickshire
“I thought I’d felt peace before and I thought I knew what happiness was. It turned out that I was lost trying to find and make happiness in all the wrong places.

In the last year I’ve found a source of unconditional love that stretches way beyond anything I ever imagined. I was truly blessed when I found this. I’ve been supported and loved to make huge changes in my life and over the year my fear has dropped, behaviours I had have disappeared and I’ve found a new level of peace and happiness that I literally didn’t know existed!

This is not a fairy tale or a quick fix. It is a life long journey of learning and growing and I know now that I can face anything with Real Love in my life and the real love coach who loves me by my side.
It just keeps getting better.

It is never too late to start your life all over again! I am and I’m enjoying it!”

Ben Leppier, Bristol


“A need for ‘success’ was a constant drive for me, but regardless of how successful & popular I became amongst my peers or in front of large audiences, I never felt any happier. For as long as I could remember I was carrying a sense of fear, a sense of emptiness, a thirst for something that I just could not understand, couldn’t put my finger on & NOTHING I achieved or analysed or assessed and in fact I got myself to a place where I had literally given up and admitted that I did not have the answer, there must be another way to find what I was looking for.

When I finally found Real Love, I knew in my soul it was what I had been seeking for 30 years of my life. It has transformed my life.
Real Love has been and continues to be a revolution in who I am, as I strip back the bullsh*t everyday layer by layer. Real Love has really transformed my marriage and we didn’t really believe we had much to work on – that was a huge mistake! My wife finds peace in that everyday I am learning to love her better and the results are amazing.”

Beate Wright, West Midlands


“After my divorce I had lost trust in ever finding someone who loves me, especially because my son has special needs. I thought I never would find anyone who accepts me and my son and often felt sad and hopeless. I was wearing a mask pretending everything was all right, but inside I often was angry, sad, depressed and feeling sorry for myself.
Many relationships I had in the past had failed and I thought something was wrong with me, or that just could not find the right one.
Since I have found real love and loving friends who love me and accept me just the way I am right now, I am feeling encouraged and enabled to live a so much happier life. This radiates to my family and friends and I am confident to experience more meaningful and lasting relationships from now on, taking small steps day by day.

I am very grateful for Real Love UK and for this profound change in my life.”

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Real Love
The Simple Secrets
of a Happy Life

Unlock the secret to
a life of freedom & joy